Friday, July 11, 2008

VQHA Event - Day 1

This morning I arrived at the Southern California Equestrian Center in plenty of time to find a great spot and set up for the reining classes. The weather was absolutely perfect. Overcast and cool. I was right behind the two judges, so I could hear what they said about each rider/horse. I don't know a lot about reining, so this was the perfect scenario. I hadn't realized how high up on the ladder this particular show is for the QH community until I got there. I recognized six riders and four horses from QH magazines! I felt like I was in the "Hollywood" of the horse world. Hands down my favorite reining horse was this one:Not surprising at all, this is a top level reining horse named Shock N Awe. I do not recognize the rider. I'm hoping tomorrow I will see them run again in the Working Ranch Horse. This team did place 1st in their class. They were remarkable to watch.

Tomorrow I have to be at the event at 6:30 to catch the first run of the Open division. I have all day to stay and watch. I am taking a sleeping bag to lay on the ground, a folding chair, a cooler and other 'stuff' to make for a comfortable day. I'm so friggin excited!

In all the excitement I have forgotten to remind you all that the DH and I are going to see Raul Malo and his band on July 16th at the Coach House in SJC!!

SONG OF THE BLOG: "What the Cowgirls Do" by Vince Gill. Oldie but a goodie!!!

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birdman said...

that is cool - you got to learn a lot I am sure... sounds like a great day!!!

I think Raul and the DH are gonna fight over you!! hahahahhaha