Saturday, July 19, 2008

Viva Lost Wages

Ten hours and counting... Remember? Our hosts pickup time for our mini vaca to the Rio in Vegas starts at 3:30AM Sunday morning. :-) Never been to the Rio, so looking forward to that.

They have an adult pool called the Saphire Pool. Apparently the women (guests as well as the cocktail waitresses) go topless. Told the DH I wasn't interested in baring the twins for all to grope with their eyes, but he was welcome to check it out. Oh and did I mention that'll cost an extra $100 in my gambling money? :-)

We now have two PCs in our house. We took the older Dell in to a local computer guy who cleaned the drives and reinstalled the original software package. We put it in the downstairs bedroom and with the help of NetGear, it's wireless and rocks. We decided not to move downstairs after all, so just moved the spare bedroom from upstairs to downstairs. It's pretty cool.

Haven't heard anymore from our youngest except for the quick call he made from Atlanta on his way to Fort Jackson. We expect to get something in the mail from him next. Hope he's doing well...

Talk to ya Tuesday when we get back from Vegas! Wish me luck!

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Love Remains the Same" by Gavin Rossdale


the mama said...

love the song...

have a great time and good luck.

birdman said...

sounds like a swinging hotel!!! the pool would be very nice I am sure... go DH!!!

Have a good time

birdman said...

oh yeah - kyle across the street is in the 82 Airborne out of Fort Bragg in North Carolina. He jumps out of planes and shoots for a living I guess