Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Final pics from VQHA Event

Howdy! Just wanted to share some pics from Sat & Mon... Hope you enjoy them!

This is the Versatility competitors waiting for the cattle to be settled:

Here is one of the competitors coming to a slide stop during her reining portion:

This cowboy is showing his horses' ability to drive his cow in the working cow portion:

This is a cowboy crossing the water obstacle during the trail portion:

Here is a pic of the judges:

This is the pic of the top two finishers. The horse/rider on the right in this pic won the competition.

The saddle was the top prize for the winner:

I thought you might find this interesting.. This is how most of the people/horses roll to the competitions:

They have a raffle to raise money for their association. $5 got you one ticket to win the raffle. The prize was a two year old registered gelding and 3 months free training. If you didn't want the gelding they would give you $1000 instead. I thought I'd buy a ticket and if I won I would take the money. Then I made the mistake of going to see the gelding. Bad idea. Look how friggin cute this guy is!!! He is adorable and extremely friendly and he's also put together really nice. The drawing is on July 20th. I'll be in Vegas. Wouldn't it be a hoot if I got the call I'd won???

Yesterday I said goodbye to my son who left for Army basic. He is actually in San Diego processing and swearing in today. He leaves for South Carolina first thing in the morning.
Tonight is the All Star game. Tomorrow night Raul Malo.
SONG OF THE BLOG: "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" by U2.


imaaudioslave said...

do the cows get hurt at all?

birdman said...

hahahha 0 love audio's question - they can only get hurt if they end of on the BBQ!!!

That is a beautiful horse... that would be so cool for you to win.

Good luck for the son. Kid across the street was back for a few days - heads out to Iraq and Sadr City in about 2 months....

Wrider II said...

Audio: I've learned that cows are pretty strong and athletic creatures. Being the animal lover I am I can't stand the thought of a cow being injured while being chased by a horse/rider. The cows they had for this event were what everyone was calling 'bucking cattle'. Now I'm not sure if that means they will be ridden or what. They were very fast and handy. When they are separated from the herd all they can think about is getting back to them and safety. I saw two of the black cows literally jump over the plywood fence that lined the arena. I was afraid they would be hurt but they go over pretty easily. I was shocked they could jump that high.

Birdman: The son is excited about the Army. I'm anxious to hear from him but know it could be awhile so I'm trying to be patient. What does the kid across the street do in the Army?

the mama said...

looks like you had fun...

hope you win... and have fun in vegas.