Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time sure flies

I had no idea it had been so long since my last blog post. I'd say I was sorry but I'm not sure anyone is still reading. LOL So where to begin...?

Well, first off I have a new Storm BB and let me just say it was the best purchase of my phone life to date. I do miss my submarine GZone, but only because it was so dang cool looking. This BB has everything. If I could just get it to do the chores I don't like doing I would be in heaven. I can update Facebook and Twitter, as well as read my emails and text messages. It's amazing. <3 my Storm.

Next on the list is the big Daughtry concert on August 22nd. OK, I can't believe it's in less than two weeks. I have been shopping for new clothes for the trip. Found a really cute dress for the concert. It's at the very nice Pure club, so there is a dress code. We have two nights confirmed at the hotel and I plan on relaxing and making the most of it.

The Harley is still way up on my list of the best things ever. Riding it has brought me more friends and cooler relationships than I ever dreamed of. I rode with the O Chapter of the Vietnam Vets/Legacy Vets club on July 26th. They allowed me to literally ride in their pack, which is an honor in itself. They are such a neat group of men, each with a story.

Work is going great. I love it, which I know is not something many people can say. But I can and I say it often!



the mama said...

well i noticed you werent blogging. nothing like being the lone blogger out here. :-)

Debbie said...

I guess it is good that you go a long time between posts because I am so far behind in my commenting!