Monday, August 31, 2009

A New Twist on an Old Friendship

Today was an maybe one of the most interesting days that I can remember in recent history. Although I cannot give you the full blown details, suffice it to say I am smiling and very curious about what tomorrow might hold for us. I am forever the optimistic. The glass is always half full for me, no matter what the circumstances.

The DH is considering something I think needs to be done. I am curious to know what he will decide. He always thinks these things through from start to finish, putting it all into perspective in every possible scenario. Something I have never been able to do. I admire this and yet I know with my personality it just wouldn't work for me, so I allow him to do it. LOL

I moved to a larger desk at work today. There is a new hire coming on aboard the week after Labor Day. She can have the small desk. My new desk is much larger, so I don't feel as if I am cramped and limited in my space. I am also in a corner; which is a nice touch.

I found and orderded Cincinnati Bengals and UC Bearcats fabric today to sew in as liners to bags for the craft fairs. The Martini bag is almost crocheted together. I should be able to cut the fabric tomorrow.

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Night Moves" by Bob Seger

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