Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Addictions and a job change

I don't think the two are related in my case, but you never can tell these days. First the most interesting of the two: addiction. I think that word brings to mind fear in the minds and hearts of most everyone because everyone assumes it's drugs or alcohol. Not in my case. My addiction(s) are a little to the right. They are (in no particular order):

> Facebook
> My phone
> Crocheting
> Starbucks
> Music

I don't consider any of these something that stops my functioning as a human. My list includes technology which has changed the way we interact with people. I believe that people today make a choice either to embrace the technology ... or not. I don't know how or if I can even leave it behind at this point. It has become part of me and I only see it evolving - not dissolving.

The other topic - job change - is certainly less interesting, but important nonetheless. I am currently under a contract with a company hired by the government. This particular contract ends Dec 14th, 2009. A follow-on contract is supposed to kick in terminating Sept 30th, 2010, but we have not been told if that is going to happen. So I have been putting my feelers out for a new job. This is my list (in so particular order):

> Same job, but with a contract through Sept 30th, 2010. The job is in 29 Palms. I would live up there during the week and come home whenever I can.
> Three spots above me is opening up. I'm applying.

Will keep you posted on what happens.

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Learned My Lesson" by Daughtry.

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