Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's all in a days work

Today was the first day since I started back to work that I really felt like I was doing something worthwhile. I was neck deep in spreadsheets (which is my passion) and highlighters. LOL It felt good to start pulling some stuff together that I've been learning about since starting on the 18th.

Working with Marines is just something I can't quite put into words. It's as if I never left, only now they call me Christy and I don't get to wear that cool uniform. No, instead I'm in slacks and blouses/tops, open toed sandals with my pink toe polish and toe ring for all to see and my bracelets, earrings and rings I was not permitted to wear in uniform. The Marines haven't changed - just the faces and names. There's the clown. The serious one. The quiet one. The one that will do anything for you. The smartass, the teddy bear, the ladykiller... They are still there as if they never left.

Since the BIL has moved out, the household is getting back to it's normal self. We haven't heard a word from him, not that we really expected to. I suppose we expected too much of him. We thought he had changed, turn a corner for the better and left his old ways behind. Apparently not. The DH is hurt and pissed. I hope in time he can let it go.

So you all know that the DH gets migraines, right? Well, he was getting one almost daily when I suggested to him he take a Claritin a day - just to see if it helped. We are on day 5 and no headache. Just bought him a new box of 10. If this works and he has no headache in that time frame I'm probably going to have to shoot someone. J/K Sort of. I mean, I don't think his doctor even asked him about allergies or suggested we give allergy medicine a try before he through him into a series of migraine medicines. At the same time, I might just be so relieved that it is allergies that I will forget all about my anger.

SONG OF THE BLOG: A repeat, but so good it's better the second time around. "What I'd Give" by Sugarland....Enjoy!


the mama said...

just to re-iterate... yes, loving spreadsheets makes you a geek!! :-)

hehe. love ya! and so glad you are happy at CSC

birdman said...

I prefer databases!!!

you can export to a spreadsheet if you need to - hahhahaa

Keep up the good work and dont play den mom to any of those young boys... I mean men!! hhahaha