Monday, April 6, 2009

Bro, Horse crazy girl, MLB Network and Fav new song

Happy Monday! Wait, let me put a disclaimer on that greeting. Later on today I might not feel the same way about Monday as I do right now. So be warned! Tomorrow's blog could get ugly.

It is too bad I cannot blog while I am driving. For many reasons, but the one I'm referring to is that it seems when I am driving I am blogging in my head. I have all of these neat little cliches and nuances that just flow across my brain and I can't wait to get home and start typing! But when I do get home and do get on the computer I find that all of those things I had so cleverly come up with while driving have left me and I just have jumbled pieces of ... stuff that I try to pull together and make some sense; something that might flow. Someone might find it worth a read? No? OK, well, it was worth a shot.

Anywho... I had a good weekend. It was different than I expected and went really fast. The DH is out of town on a 4x4 trip. So I thought, "Yippee! I get the remote! I get to crochet! I get to eat and drink whatever I want! I can stay up late! I can sleep in! I can burn candles all over the house and play my music loud!" Ok, so I did do all those things, but man did the time I had to do them fly by. Now the DH is on his way home and following him in the Rubi is his bro. Yep, he's coming to live with us. Oughta be interesting! We went from an empty nest to the daughter back living with us and now his bro. Too funny! So where is he going to sleep you ask? Well, I am giving up my craft room and my HD TV. I will move my yarn to the loft and since I am spending a lot more time at the computer in the master bedroom, thinking I will do my crocheting from here as well! Works out great! Last night I spent time going through yarn and rolling small skeins into balls to make room on shelves. It's a huge favorite past time of mine. It's one of those things I consider addicting and compulsive and tedious and fits my personality to a T. Hey, I wonder if there is a market for someone that likes to roll yarn into balls...?

You all know I am horse crazy. I was born that way. My Mom says I used to crawl around on the floor when I was little and pretend to be a horse. As I got older my obsession just became stronger. I would ask for horsie related stuff for birthday and Christmas even though I didn't own a horse. I would tie up my make believe horse to the fence and brush him with one of the many brushes I got as a gift. Yeah, I was that crazy. It's rare you find a girl that claims to LOVE horses is one that truly LOVES horses in every sense of the word. It's one thing to want to be near them, ride them, etc. and quite another to HAVE to be near them and WANT to be near them and the riding is just icing on the cake. I always hesitate when someone tells me their daughter LOVES horses because I know most just are in love with the idea of being in love with horses and not one that genuinely has oats running through their veins. Enter Corey. Corey's Dad lives down the block from us. He is twice divorced; the first time from Corey's Mom. Corey has a younger sister and brother. She is ten. She has sunkissed blonde hair and dancing eyes. "She loves horses!" her Dad told me. He knows we have two. So I offered to take Corey with me to the barn to see the horses. I also took her sister cuz she wanted to go. I couldn't believe my eyes. Watching Corey was like watching me 35 years ago. She bounded out of the truck to be with the girls. She didn't blink an eye when Dolly nuzzled her pink jacket and got horsie drool on the pocket. She laid her whole body across the front of Cheyenne's chest covering herself with the soft winter chestnut hair. She braided manes, she kissed muzzles, she looked into their eyes and talked to them. She LOVES horses. Her sister is afraid of them and it was obvious she had just come along for the ride so as not to be left out.

So yesterday I had arranged with Corey and her Dad for me to take her to breakfast at Annie's and then to the barn. She turns 11 on the 9th and I wanted to give her a special birthday present only a true horse lover would enjoy. She had never cleaned a stall before. She helped me clean all 3. She was a trooper. She never once complained. She pushed the wheelbarrow all the way to the pasture 3 times. She stepped in pee. She stepped in manure. She danced through the fresh shavings. She couldn't wait to ride. We rode for almost two hours. I watched her; fascinated at her carefree style. It dawned on me I had lost that. Somewhere between paying bills, cleaning the toilets, worrying about family fights, being mad at relatives and trying to find something new and yummy for dinner I had lost that wonderfuly carefree attitude of youth. She was me all over again. She was daring on horseback. She was a girl that was happiest being right where she was. She didn't need anything more than to be in the moment.

It was sad to pry her off. I wanted to give her more. I remembered how I felt being her age. I remember intentionally rubbing my clothes on the horses so the smell would still be with me after I had left them. I remember closing my eyes and running my hands through manes so that when I was falling asleep and dreaming I would have that memory to fall back on. I remembered so much...

Traditionally the first game of the baseball season is played in Cincinnati. I ordered MLB Network today and can't wait for the Opening Day game. Cincinnati vs New York Mets at 1:10EST. Woohoo! We will get 13 channels of nonstop baseball action.

The ACM Awards were on last night. I know none of your probably watched and that's OK. I forgive you. One song that stuck in my head (and heart) was a new one by Sugarland. I can't find an audio of it but here are the lyrics...

It's called WHAT I'D GIVE

Update: I found the song and put it on MySpace.


Helene said...

Corey sounds like a beautiful little girl!! I'm sure you created a wonderful memory that will stay with her forever!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

Christy said...

ooh...those lyrics sound good - can't wait to hear the song!

Leaving some love from SITS!

birdman said...

that is a great story - nice ot know there are kids willing to earn what they love. you did a good job with her!!

MLB = UGHHH!!! Nap time!!!