Saturday, January 31, 2009

Almost February...

I don't know about you, but I for one can't believe that January is already history. But let's be honest - it was quite a good month! I did, after all, become a licensed motorcycle driver in the state of CA. That's right fellow cool peeps - the Wrider is legit. I absolutely loved the heck out of the course and can't wait for the chance to ride. In fact, I have reserved a Harley for February 8th. Quaid Harley in Temecula does a Sunday special from 10am - 5pm. I reserved a Dyna FatBob (pic below). I swear, if I were any more excited I'd have to take a valium or a shot of whiskey. LOL

Ok, now for the not so good news ---> Rain. Yeah, rain is scheduled to come in on Friday/Saturday and remain for 3 days. So one thing is for damn sure - if it rains I will not be taking this or any other bike out. No way. Just don't have the experience for it. But alas my good souls I am not entirely bummed because as you all know - I LOVE RAIN! and the state of CA needs it so badly.

As Mama already blogged, she and I went to the El Rey to see Tyrone Wells. What an awesome guy he is - both on stage and off. I am now a Tyrone fan. Thanks Mama! =)

Through Etsy where I have my handmade items listed, I have joined the CCCOE Team. California Crafters Club of Etsy. We are trying to promote one another's shops and quite a few of them have blogs. So I'm going to slowly begin adding their blogs to my list of "Cool Peeps". Sure would appreciate it if you guys could drop in on or two every once in a while and maybe even support their craft!

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Brandy" by Looking Glass. The old Merc team will no doubt recall my love and adoration of this great song. It makes me smile whenever I hear it!


the mama said...

i had a blast too! thanks!

i will keep my fingers crossed for no rain. remember i just bought that trench, so you know when you get a jacket the weather turns hot!

birdman said...

cool on the license although a real biker just rides - they dont need know stinkin license!!

I hope it does not rain either but.... good luck!!!!!

imaaudioslave said...

Congrats on getting the license!!!

So you got to meet many times have you guys seen him?

the mama said...

audio, we did talk to tyrone.... i have seen him like 7 times i think, but this was wriders first and certainly not the last time seeing him live. when he was signing wriders cd to "red" he said " is that because of your red hair?" so cool!

imaaudioslave said...

Hey...You definitely have to check out!