Sunday, June 8, 2008

Operation: Mom in Town

Sorry for not posting. This not being employed is waaaaaaaaay busier than being employed. Who would have thunk it?

My Mom flies in tomorrow. I have a prickling up my spine every time I think about that. Not because we don't get along- we do. It's more like I want everything to be perfect - house spotless, sheets amazingly tight and smelling fresh... What a chore! LOL

The youngest retook his ASVAB yesterday and even with ten hours of tutoring he scored a 35 - doesn't qualify him for the Coast Guard and no other branch can touch him for six months. Special, huh? Tonight the DH and I are sitting down to talk to him about our expectations for the next six months (rent, job, car, spending, etc.). Can't wait for the "talk". Maybe that's what is causing the spine tingling?

I have the best shoer in the world. "W" is part horse shoer, part therapist and the other part just plain cool guy. He is also a biker with tats. Go figure. Anyhoo we were discussing my buying a Harley and what to look for, etc. Great info from this guy. Also, he might hire me on to be his scheduler. Wow.. I am humbled and honored. Keep your fingers crossed.

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Animals" by Nickelback. I know it's old, but it's just a cool song.

Photo of the Blog: Circa 1995. I love America. =)


imaaudioslave said...

OMG That's you!?!?!?!

birdman said...

to quote "the mama" HUBBA HUBBA soldier!! hahahaha

Go America

the mama said...

WOW --- that is a fantastic picture of you!!

have a great visit with you mom.

give the son a swift kick right out the door!! hope he has the fundage to pay you back.

the mama said...

PS - fingers crossed on the job!!!

Wrider II said...

Yes, Audioslave - that is ME. Is that so hard to believe???