Thursday, June 12, 2008

I <3 iTunes

I've decided I love my iPod and iTunes. I'm thinking of looking into having my iPod inserted into body somewhere (sort of like a kangaroo pouch so I can extract it when I want to download more songs) and then have the headphones put in my ears so I have a constant flow of music for the rest of my life. I have a 2GB and right now I have 1060 songs on it. I just loaded 14 more songs this morning using a gift card and I couldn't believe how friggin easy it was to use. What was it we did before iPods????? How did we get our music????

So far the Mom visit is going really well. She is pretty low maintenance. She likes eating at home and watching her soaps, the news and even doesn't mind the Weather Channel. She does have a tendency to sigh a lot and say things like, "Oh my goodness. Would you look at that." whenever the Weather Channel shows some sort of weather damage. She is kind of addicted to the court TV shows, which is funny. I just sit quietly crocheting and grin at her.

She is going to share her secret to making fried chicken with me today. =) Needless to say the DH is THRILLED because he loves fried chicken.

Graduation is tomorrow night. Woohoo! I honestly wasn't sure I would ever see this day. The son did get a call from a Marine recruiter and he's meeting up with him on Monday. I guess they can look at his recent score after all, so he might be wearing Dress Blues. Time will tell.

I have been crocheting - a lot. The only thing giving me trouble is the damn baby blanket for the waitress. I have started one about 6x and it just doesn't flow. But I managed to start a finish a small lap throw which my Mom promptly claimed. Here is a pic of it...
SONG OF THE BLOG: "All I Want To Do" by Sugarland. I know none of you will probably like the song, but I love it. It's unofficially been named my song for Summer.


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the mama said...

i <3 itunes and my iPod, too!

continued enjoyment for you visit with mom. sounds very relaxing.

congrats to the son on graduation... now lets work on getting him out of there! haha.

hey -- i am sparkling now!! :-)